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Here's A Training Opportunity To Really Solve Your Traffic Challenges

Traffic Hacks Training Detailing The Three Pillars You Need For Massive Traffic

You have good traffic to your sites and social… But how can you MAXIMIZE it? Exactly how can you put all Three Pillars – Social, Organic/SEO, and Paid - to work for you?

Follow along as we give you three weeks of video training covering best practices for each of the three ways to generate traffic. These traffic hacks will work for any business, whether or not you use Real Specific.

Module 1: SEO Traffic

Value: $97

Getting “free” traffic from Google is a holy grail and we have a decade of experience that we distill for you into actionable bullets.

Do you build links? How do you avoid Google penalties? What does Google even look for when ranking your sites and social accounts?

We cut through all the complexity and leave you with steps you can use to get traffic for any business.

Module 2: Social Media

Value: $97

Did you know that Social Media is the single best way to get the viral traffic that everyone looks for?

Want to know what type of content goes viral? How about exactly when to post to get maximum exposure?

We have thousands of sites using the Real Specific technology and know exactly what it takes to skyrocket your social traffic.

Module 3: Paid Traffic

Value: $97

The big viral sites have a secret they don’t want you to know: they pay for ads to boost their content and try to force to go viral.

Learn the different ways you can buy ads to get traffic and how to make the most use of your marketing dollars.

Whether it’s Google or Facebook ads, Taboola or affiliate marketing, these insider tips will get you thinking and saving you money.



Not everyone was fortunate enough to grow up in the world of dot coms and marketing agencies. But what you can get is a “Master Class” by a couple of guys who HAVE been there in the trenches and know what it takes to get traffic.

We distill decades of experience down to just the important bullet points so you can laser focus with confidence where to spend your time and effort. And just as important, you’ll know precisely those next steps to take you to the next level.

  • Want to do some SEO? We explain the risk/reward factors you need to take into account to avoid Google penalties (and give exact recipes for each).
  • Want to know the biggest secret tactic sites like BuzzFeed use to make their articles go viral? We cover that too.
  • When we share the single most important factor to an effective ad spend, you’ll nod your head and understand why that makes sense.

Simply put, unless you’re an expert already you’ll get massive value from this training that applies to your Real Specific account AND all of your other marketing efforts.


Value: $67

We recognize that if you’re buying this upgrade, you’re committed to your own success. You’re not that tire kicker that just collects software, but are instead an action taker.

Because of this, we’re going to DOUBLE your Real Specific account size for NO EXTRA cost for as long as your subscription stays active! So for example, if you’ve signed up for the 100 site license, we’ll bump that up to a whopping 200 sites.

The value of this free upgrade is a massive $444 per year and we’re happy to do it to help you succeed. We have thousands of users making money using this system and we want to add YOU to our happy customer list.

We’re only including it during this Real Specific launch so don’t miss out!

Fast Action Bonus 2: Over The Shoulder Breakdowns

Value: $147

We’ll also include fantastic “over the shoulder” training to do a deeper dive into each module. The value of this bonus is an easy $147 and saves you hours and hours of banging your head against the keyboard sorting it out by yourself.

SEO Module: We’ll walk you through which plugins are the best for your WordPress sites as well as how to best set them up for maximum Google love.

Social Module: How to properly set up a Facebook Page including how to set it up to take advantage of your Real Specific data feeds for auto-posting.

Paid Ads Module: Take a deep dive into the Audience Insights tool and use it to not only get better targeting with your ads (less money!) but also adjust your site focus to match traffic.

  TOTAL VALUE: $505 

Real Specific - Traffic Training
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