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Rank Your Sites And Pages Automatically
With This PRO AND SEO Upgrade

You have all this great content posting to your web site and social accounts now.
- But what are you doing to make sure Google indexes and ranks your content?
- Do you want to sell to clients? Or scale up your autopost network for HUGE traffic?

Here is the massive value you receive when
you get this powerful upgrade

I have a special place in my heart for fellow scrappy entrepreneurs. I’m a lifelong hustler and have built e-commerce selling making millions of dollars of products and services, made private label products for Amazon, and even edited a sports magazine. It’s for that reason that I made Real Specific so inexpensive – so anyone can start making money online right away.

But I also recognize that active and serious marketers really need even MORE POWER to scale up their success.

  • We’re talking Commercial Rights so you can sell Real Specific discovery and posting services to clients.
  • Account limits that are 500% bigger to really carve up those niches and post to hundreds of places.
  • A collection of proven WordPress themes so you don’t have to wonder if your site is built for engagement.
  • FULLY AUTOMATED best of breed SEO tools automatically integrated into your account. All of your WordPress and social posts will get backlinks built to them, run through the industry-best One Hour Indexing service, and optionally spin the text.

So, imagine what it’d feel like to start getting 20 visitors a day to your site right away and 100s after a couple of weeks… And multiplying that by a network of feeder sites. How much money will you save not having to pay $1 or more per click…

Or how about deciding if you’ll share the secret of Real Specific with your clients as you save dozens of hours a week finding their niche content and posting it to all their accounts.

And of course, we can’t forget about the massive time and money savings of fully automating every SEO bit you need to maximize Google love!

Look at just a handful of the awesome results our users have gotten. Are you ready to join the group?

Marketers Who Use Real Specific At Full Power – Which This Upgrade Gives You – See Insane Results

Here Are A Few Customer Results

5X Pro Level Account

Value: $67/month

Inject your Real Specific account with steroids with this massive boost. This increases the size of your Real Specific account 500%!

Sites supported: Increases from 10 to 50.

Social accounts: Increases from 50 to 250.

RSS Feeds: Increases from 5 to 25.

Commercial Rights

Value: $Priceless

As you grow your Real Specific network and begin getting surges in traffic and engagement, it’s natural to want to share this power by selling the service to others.

With this upgrade you’re able to use Real Specific for commercial purposes and charge businesses for discovering and posting and managing their content.

9 Viral WordPress Themes

Value: $37 each

As you spin up new web sites, it’s great to have themes that have been PROVEN to suck in traffic.

This pack of 9 themes are all based on successful sites such as IFLScience, Viral Nova, Upworthy and others. Those sites have millions of users and have perfected engagement and by starting with their themes your job gets even easier.

Daily Link Building

Value: $45/month

As you know, links are the single most important ranking factor in Google. We'll build up to 1,000 links EVERY SINGLE DAY to your newly created blog and social media posts.

Powered by One Hour Backlinks, these 5 different link types give you maximum SEO boosting power and a more natural link profile. Great link diversity leads to maximum results.


Value: $17/month

What good is a new blog or social media post if Google doesn’t know about it? The answer is not a lot because nobody will see it.

We’ll submit up to 1,000 of your new blog and social media posts EVERY SINGLE DAY through the industry-leading One Hour Indexing service. This assures that every single piece of new gets the max Google love possible!


Value: $27/month

Content that is duplicated can be frowned up by Google. You’ll have the ability utilize the technology from Real Specific to "spin" the text, creating unique versions of the posts and make them more Google friendly.

You’ll receive up to 1,000 spins daily as well as a WordPress plugin that allows you to manually spin any post you choose.


We have many years of experience running one of the largest SEO companies ( Through this company we've helped over 50,000 customers improve their site's ranking in Google. We know EXACTLY what it takes to rank web sites.

We realize that 96.2% of blog owners know they want to show up in Google and get traffic, but they don't know exactly what to do. And even IF they know how important link building and indexing, they don't know how to do it right and avoid a penalty.

With this upgrade you're getting the right foundation laid in place for you. Not paying hundreds of dollars a month to SEO "experts" or juggling a dozen Fiverr gigs. Instead, with this upgrade, every single day your new content gets backlinks built to it AND submitted through the industry’s best link indexer.

When You Get This Upgrade, Everything Is Automatically Done For You.

There Is No Need To Install Software, Plugins, Or Figure Out API Keys.
We Do All The Hard Work For You On Autopilot So You Maximize Your Traffic.

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